Are There Any Vitamins or Other Pills I Can Take to Prevent Cancer?

At this time, there is no pill or vitamin that will prevent cancer in general. You can call the Cancer Information Service on 131120 to check whether any clinical trials are investigating a medicine or therapy that will help prevent the recurrence of your type of cancer or the development of another cancer known to be associated with your type. Your oncologist or doctor can keep you informed of these studies, too.

What If I Am Embarrassed to Tell My Doctor about Various Over-the – Co u n t e r Preparations I Am Taking to Prevent Cancer?

Many people take over-the-counter to help prevent cancer or treat other conditions. Too often, people neglect to tell their doctors about these medicines, either intentionally or unintentionally. Doctors are aware that many people self-medicate with nonprescription pills and tonics. The more information your doctor has about you, the better the care you will receive. If you tell doctor about your self-prescribed medications, your doctor

•can take this information into account when evaluating a problem

• can warn you of potential problems or dangers to you

• can advise you about a more effective or safer way to use the over-the-counter medications

•can adjust your prescription medications, if necessary.


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