Tinnitus is an internal noise in the ear, generally described as buzzing, whistling, ringing, roaring or hissing. It may be constant or intermittent and is often accompanied by deafness.

It is worthwhile allowing a chiropractor/osteopath to see if your cervical spine is in any way involved. We have had some successes with this condition, especially at the onset of the trouble.

Some years ago, I went through this distressing sensation myself. I was astounded when I discovered that on lying down, I had a most annoying noise inside my head that I couldn’t lose no matter what I did! Several neck treatments later, over a period of six weeks, the noises subsided.

Other causes have proved to be a malocclusion of the jaw and another is a need for cranial adjusting as the temporal suture is stressed. All of these causes are well worth exploring.

Employers are now supplying ear protectors for those people exposed to industrial noise, such as jack hammering, which can bring on the trouble, as can the sound of a close-range gunshot or the noise level of rock concerts .Young people, however, are rarely sensible about protection from the extremely loud popular music today. Nerve damage is permanent and has to be prevented. We must become responsible for looking after ourselves.


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