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Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

I relax by listening to soft New Age music, and that helps me drift off to a good relaxing sleep which enables me to wake up refreshed and in good shape to face the new day. I like Yanni. I think he’s brilliant.

There are two types of music that are relevant to cellulite reduction – energy music and music for relaxation.

• Energy music

Music that picks you up is what you play through earphones when working out on a treadmill, and believe me the dance beat, that funky bassline and the relentless drum machine can keep you working like nothing else.

Some people ask, “If I can dance all night, how come I’m not fit enough to run around the block?“. Well, it’s the music that makes all the difference. People exercise fantastically when listening to the music they enjoy.

• Relaxation music

New Age music (‘music of the future’) – sometimes called Ambient or Discreet Music – is a genre often associated with synthesiser minimalists like Brian Eno, Kitaro, Klaus Schulze and Rainer Bloss. This is just one of many forms of relaxation music readily available.

Music from across the centuries is just as good. How about Vaughan Williams, Mahler, Mozart’s Tlie Magic Flute, Tele-mann? That’s relaxing music too, catering to a different taste.

When it comes to CDs, you really can get anything you want: jazz, Celtic, World Music (try Baaba Maal), reggae or if you prefer the music of nature sung without human interference, try the songs of Humpback Whales. Use music to your advantage, it’s a great motivator.



Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Fruit Juice

• Real fruit juice

If it’s real fruit juice, it will say so.

If it’s 100% fruit juice, that is such marketing plus that those words will be splashed all over the label. Similarly, the real thing will boast ‘no preservatives, no artificial colouring’ where you won’t be able to miss those words. The same applies when you purchase a drink in a juice bar – if they’re ‘all natural’ they certainly let you know.

Beware: ’100% pure fruit juice’ does not necessarily mean the contents are only 100% fruit juice; it may mean that the percentage of fruit juice in the container is 100% pure. Read the fine print.

• Contains fruit juice

Other drinks admit that they contain only a percentage of fruit juice.

For example ‘Pine Coconut Fruit Drink’ contains 35% fruit juice as well as reconstituted pineapple juice, coconut milk powder, food acids (330, 332), vegetable gum (440), flavour, vitamin C (300) and water.

Why not drink the real thing?

• Contains no fruit

Some drinks contain no real fruit, just colouring and flavouring. Just like ‘empty’ foods, these are empty drinks.

Unless the sugar rush makes it all worthwhile, you’re better off drinking pure water. Somehow, these drinks make you thirsty!

Vegetable Juice

Like fruit juices, vegetable juice contains varying amounts of the real thing. Tinned tomato juice probably contains a percentage of reconstituted tomato juice as well as sugar and salt.

The best vegetable juices are home made. Treat yourself to a new juicer, and drink your vegies! Pop these vegies in the blender and make your own V8: tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress and spinach.



Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

You can’t go wrong if you eat good food. How can you?

The whole idea of consuming food is to nourish all the systems and the organs of the body. Nourish your bones, nourish your muscles, nourish your brain, nourish your heart and lungs, nourish your liver, your pancreas and your kidneys.

Eating and drinking are for energy purposes. Firstly, food and drink provide all the nutrients your body is going to need for survival; from warding off viral infections to repairing your tissues after a cut, clearing up a bruise or mending a bone after a break. Secondly: to provide sustenance and energy for the activities of the day ahead. That’s the real reason why food and water should go into the body.

You get your energy from your food. Fuel your body correctly. Choose the right fuel and you will get good performance. We do as much for our cars so it’s the least we can do for ourselves. Don’t be frightened to eat the right foods.

You don’t have to make a commitment to eating raw foods and vegetables all day every day, seven days a week for the rest of your life. But you will need to include a percentage of wholesome food every day for the rest of your life – because that’s how we were originally designed, and our bodies rebel when we eat otherwise.



Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

There are plenty of good diaries around: in fact, you probably use a loose leaf time management system. Main diary companies include Daytimers, Filofax, NGT, Poco Profile and Debden — and you can pay $60-$100 for a stylish leather bound system with a good brand name. Alternatively, for $25 you can purchase a Stylofax, from an Australia Post Shop and newsagents.

You can even purchase a $10 cheapie from Discount Shops. Any of the above will do the job of recording your program.

If you carry your diary with you everywhere, you will enjoy many advantages:

• You’ll have your telephone/address book on hand,

• You can jot down appointments,

• There’s an Ideas Section, planners, and all sorts of personal data,

• And most important of all for the purposes of losing cellulite – you can keep tabs on your eating and exercise habits by writing in your diary when it’s convenient.

Turning a time management system into a weight loss diary is very easy indeed. The fact that these little diaries are extremely versatile has nothing to do with it, because all you need do is rule one line down the page (see ‘Time Management Diary Page’). This separates your ‘day book’ from your ‘weight loss section’. Bookmark it and keep it up-to-date.

If you are serious about cellulite loss you should monitor your progress.

Health-Wealth Computer Programs

Not everyone likes time management diaries. I have a friend who simply prints an A4 calendar month-to-a-page from a computer and that’s how she keeps tabs on everything.

She jots down the must-do and must-pay information, and says it’s great for weight loss program jottings too. It costs only the price of the paper and is specific to the task.



Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

We all want things – although only some of us actually get what we want.

People who get what they want are called ‘achievers’ and ‘go-getters’ – but those who do achieve understand that it was no big deal. Like going for a drive, you get a good map, pursue it and you’ll reach your destination. Achievements are exactly like that.

In this instance your ‘destination’ is to lose cellulite, but the mind must first perceive before the body will achieve. The mind, therefore has to answer the fundamental question which is, ‘How badly do you want this?’ Let’s be honest now:

• Do you want only the easy route and the miracle cure?

• Do you want to see how things work out before making a full commitment?

• Or, do you really want to persist with your program until you win for life?


There’s nothing wrong with any opt tort but it’s good to understand your real motives before you start. Some people who read this book will be content to do no more than eat herbal tablets while persisting with their current eating habits and no exercise program. And there’s nothing wrong with that, if it’s a logical decision, not a character weakness.

Some people who have done no more than eat cellulite-loss tablets swear they have had reasonable results, and I am pleased for them.

However, I see it another way. I see those tablet purchases as an expensive way to cover-up, rather than fix, a significant problem. But if you’ve told yourself at the planning stage: “I’m only interested in the Band-Aid solution, thanks”, then that admission will probably save you a subscription to a fitness centre or a yoga course that deep down you never planned to attend.

You don’t need to know the truth about cellulite, if all you want is a herbal remedy – or even a surgical solution.