You can’t go wrong if you eat good food. How can you?

The whole idea of consuming food is to nourish all the systems and the organs of the body. Nourish your bones, nourish your muscles, nourish your brain, nourish your heart and lungs, nourish your liver, your pancreas and your kidneys.

Eating and drinking are for energy purposes. Firstly, food and drink provide all the nutrients your body is going to need for survival; from warding off viral infections to repairing your tissues after a cut, clearing up a bruise or mending a bone after a break. Secondly: to provide sustenance and energy for the activities of the day ahead. That’s the real reason why food and water should go into the body.

You get your energy from your food. Fuel your body correctly. Choose the right fuel and you will get good performance. We do as much for our cars so it’s the least we can do for ourselves. Don’t be frightened to eat the right foods.

You don’t have to make a commitment to eating raw foods and vegetables all day every day, seven days a week for the rest of your life. But you will need to include a percentage of wholesome food every day for the rest of your life – because that’s how we were originally designed, and our bodies rebel when we eat otherwise.


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