There are plenty of good diaries around: in fact, you probably use a loose leaf time management system. Main diary companies include Daytimers, Filofax, NGT, Poco Profile and Debden — and you can pay $60-$100 for a stylish leather bound system with a good brand name. Alternatively, for $25 you can purchase a Stylofax, from an Australia Post Shop and newsagents.

You can even purchase a $10 cheapie from Discount Shops. Any of the above will do the job of recording your program.

If you carry your diary with you everywhere, you will enjoy many advantages:

• You’ll have your telephone/address book on hand,

• You can jot down appointments,

• There’s an Ideas Section, planners, and all sorts of personal data,

• And most important of all for the purposes of losing cellulite – you can keep tabs on your eating and exercise habits by writing in your diary when it’s convenient.

Turning a time management system into a weight loss diary is very easy indeed. The fact that these little diaries are extremely versatile has nothing to do with it, because all you need do is rule one line down the page (see ‘Time Management Diary Page’). This separates your ‘day book’ from your ‘weight loss section’. Bookmark it and keep it up-to-date.

If you are serious about cellulite loss you should monitor your progress.

Health-Wealth Computer Programs

Not everyone likes time management diaries. I have a friend who simply prints an A4 calendar month-to-a-page from a computer and that’s how she keeps tabs on everything.

She jots down the must-do and must-pay information, and says it’s great for weight loss program jottings too. It costs only the price of the paper and is specific to the task.


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