I relax by listening to soft New Age music, and that helps me drift off to a good relaxing sleep which enables me to wake up refreshed and in good shape to face the new day. I like Yanni. I think he’s brilliant.

There are two types of music that are relevant to cellulite reduction – energy music and music for relaxation.

• Energy music

Music that picks you up is what you play through earphones when working out on a treadmill, and believe me the dance beat, that funky bassline and the relentless drum machine can keep you working like nothing else.

Some people ask, “If I can dance all night, how come I’m not fit enough to run around the block?“. Well, it’s the music that makes all the difference. People exercise fantastically when listening to the music they enjoy.

• Relaxation music

New Age music (‘music of the future’) – sometimes called Ambient or Discreet Music – is a genre often associated with synthesiser minimalists like Brian Eno, Kitaro, Klaus Schulze and Rainer Bloss. This is just one of many forms of relaxation music readily available.

Music from across the centuries is just as good. How about Vaughan Williams, Mahler, Mozart’s Tlie Magic Flute, Tele-mann? That’s relaxing music too, catering to a different taste.

When it comes to CDs, you really can get anything you want: jazz, Celtic, World Music (try Baaba Maal), reggae or if you prefer the music of nature sung without human interference, try the songs of Humpback Whales. Use music to your advantage, it’s a great motivator.


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