Metatarsalgia involves a breakdown in the horizontal arch of the foot. This arch is formed by the heads of the metatarsals, the long bones of the foot.

When this arch is weak, the ball of the foot flattens when weight is put on it. Pressure of the heads of the metatarsals pushing into the pad on the ball of the foot causes a painful callus.

This is a mechanical problem and requires a mechanical solution. A pad of sponge rubber or plastic foam inside the shoe may cushion the effect as the foot presses down. A metatarsal bar on the sole of the shoe will give relief. This shifts the weight behind the metatarsal heads and eases the pressure.

A Plantar wart may be mistaken for a callus. They occur on the soles of the feet, are often called papillomas and are like warts elsewhere on the body being caused by a virus.

Because of pressure when walking and standing, the wart tends to grow inwards. It is painful because the warty tissue presses on the sensitive nerve endings in the skin.


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