However, this brand of volleyball has two distinct twists. First, it is played in the nude. Second, the players are allowed to try to distract one another’s play by reaching under the net to fondle the other’s genitals while the opponent is trying to make a play. If you can arouse your opponent to such an extent that he or she misses a ball, great. If both become so aroused that they forget about playing entirely and fall to the floor in heated passion (perhaps popping the balloon on the way to the floor), that’s even better.

This game circumvents in several ways the hysteric’s aversion to sex. First, it takes the pressure off of her to have sex with her husband: Instead of trying to persuade her to have sex, he invites her to play a game. Second, it bypasses her resistance to sex by veering her toward Eros indirectly, through play, as well as by appealing to her competitiveness toward men (generally a component of hysteria). Third, as mentioned earlier, it fosters a spirit of play (or, as we used to say, of “good, clean fun”), taking the experience out of the realm of sexual exploitation or disgustingness—which, on a deeper level, is where the hysteric places it.


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