The kind of freak one chooses to be will express unconscious fears. For example, men who harbor feelings that they are monstrous letches will dress that part. Women who have buried fears that they are evil witches will don the familiar witch’s hat and wield a broom. By dressing up like the freaks they unconsciously fear they are, that part of their personality, formerly repressed, will be allowed to surface.

Making love, either in a hotel room or at home, will be an enlightening experience. They will not only be confronted with actually being the freak they fear they are, but also with making love to the freak they fear the other is. It will lead to interesting sex—and an equally interesting change in how they feel about themselves and their partner. To confront the freak within us is to stop projecting that freak on others!

Note: To enhance the effect of this game, participants should not only dress the part but also act it with conviction.


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