The Russian Minister of Health told the story of a Russian centenarian from Caucasus who lived to the respectable age of 146 years. When asked for the reasons for his enviable longevity, the man said:

“I have never had a boss over me—I have never been envious of what others have—and I have periodically rejuvenated myself by marrying three times!”

Vibrant health, long life and sexual virility go hand in hand. All vital functions of the body should collaborate in perfect harmony, including the functions of the vital reproductive system. The health of the reproductive system is closely tied to the general state of health, which is, as we have already seen, dependent on vital nutrition.

In the last ten years many studies have been made which indicate that man’s sexuality is not an isolated phenomenon, but is an inseparable part of his total health entity. Doctors have found that man’s sexual capacity is directly related to his health and his mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, they have found that there is a direct relationship between man’s sexual health and the foods he cats. Recognizing that psychological causes are behind many cases of impotency and other sexual disturbances, the fact remains that nutrition is the most important single factor affecting one’s health, including the health of the reproductive system. Malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies may affect every aspect of man’s physical well-being. His sexual functions are no exception.

Just how does nutrition affect man’s sex life?

Man’s sexual life is directed by his glandular system, particularly by the so-called endocrine glands. The hormones produced by these glands, and by the ovaries and testes, hold the secret of your sexual power. Estrogen plays a vital part in the sexual life and reproductive functions of women; testosterone, the male sex hormone, plays an equally important part in man’s sexual life. These hormones and other secretions of the endocrine glands are your spark plugs, which provide sex stimulus and drive to your body as well as to your mind. The decreased function of the endocrine glands and diminished secretion of sex hormones will slow down all vital life processes and lead to premature aging. The healthy function of the endocrine glands is imperative not only for sexual virility and libido, but is also absolutely essential for your general health and for your feeling and looking younger far into advanced age. In other words, you are as old as your glands!

What can you do to keep your endocrine and sex glands in good working condition so that you will remain vital and virile as long as you live?

You can feed your glands! Your glands need certain nutrients in order to function properly. If the food you eat does not supply these essential nutrients, the normal function of the glands will be impaired, and hormone production diminished. Lost interest in sex and diminished or totally lost physical capacity for love will be the ultimate result.

Since the beginning of time man had certain remedies and foods for prolonging or increasing his sexual power. Every nation and every race had their favorites: honey, sesame seeds, oysters, nuts, eggs, etc. Modern medical science laughed at the notion that there is a relationship between food and man’s physical capacity for love. But in the last decade or two we have seen profound changes taking place in the attitudes of scientists toward sex. Doctors stopped laughing and began a serious inquiry into the mysteries of sex life. Now it is not only an old wives’ tale, but a well-established scientific fact that your libido and capacity for physical love are directly related to your nutrition.

It would take a book to relate to you all the exciting facts the scientists are coming up with with regard to the relationship between nutrition and sex. Much research is being done in Russia, France, and Germany in this field. There is also corroborative research being done in the United States. Here are a few revealing facts discovered by scientists.


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