The most successful of all attempts to treat multiple sclerosis are the two dietary methods used extensively in Europe, particularly in Germany—the Evers therapy and the Waerland therapy.

Joseph Evers, M.D., is the founder of the only clinic in the world which specializes in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. He has treated well over 10,000 multiple sclerosis cases in his clinic and has achieved very dramatic results. Patients come from all over the world to Dr. Evers* clinic and in most cases they leave his clinic healed and restored to health. Naturally, advanced cases cannot be helped. If a major portion of the central nervous system is damaged and most of the vital organs affected, nothing can help the patient.

In his excellent books, The Changed Aspects of Diseases and Directions for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, Dr. Evers points out that multiple sclerosis is a metabolic disease caused by faulty nutrition. In the past, man has lived for thousands of years on pure unadulterated natural foods without poisons and toxic chemical substances. Today our foods, because of wrong agricultural methods, processing and chemical additives, contain over 2,000 substances to which man is not adapted and which his system is not able to handle. Dr. Evers specifically points out a replacement of wholesome sourdough whole-meal bread by devitilized white bread, and raw milk by pasteurized and homogenized milk, as some of the most serious assaults on man’s natural foods. Thus, denatured foods cause metabolic disorder and are responsible for the many degenerative metabolic diseases, such as obesity, arthritis, diabetes, and a host of other diseases, including multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Evers’ program

First, all manufactured, canned, processed, refined, frozen, and denatured foods are omitted. Anything made from white flour and white sugar is specifically prohibited, as such foods are lacking in the vital nutrients of vitamins and mineral salts. Coffee, tea, chocolate, salt, sugar, mustard, pepper, and vinegar are also prohibited.

Dr. Evers’ patients receive a diet of raw fruits, root vegetables, raw milk, raw eggs, raw rolled oats (freshly prepared and not steamed), honey and water. In addition, the patients receive sprouted seeds* and raw fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, fermented wheat and fermented dairy products. In less severe cases, and when the patients are well on their way to recovery (and also in the case of older patients), raw meat is added to their diet. Dr. Evers specifically uses raw ham and raw bacon. He permits an occasional glass of pure wine. As you can see, the emphasis is on raw foods.

Dr. Evers also treats with his diets other metabolic diseases, such as leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, lymphogranulomatosis, and plasmocytoma. He has achieved especially good results in hundreds of cases of infantile muscular dystrophy.


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