A  clue  to  the  cause  of  night  blindness  is  rhodopsin, or visual purple,  the  pigment the eye uses for night  vision.
One  of  the  components  of  visual  purple,   Vitamin A,   is  not found   in  the  other  three  pigments  used  to  distinguish colors  for  daytime   vision.  A   deficiency  of  Vitamin  A, therefore, appears  to inhibit the proper  functioning of visual purple  and  prompting night blindness,  without affecting one’s vision during the day-Recent studies  seem  to confirm  Vitamin  A’s legendary reputation  as  the  ”eye  vitamin.”  The symptoms  of night blindness  are  greatly  alleviated  when  treated  with  large doses of the  Vitamin A  and  the  vegetable  most commonly associated  with  it,  the  carrot.  Carrots are the single most important natural source of beta-carotene, which the body uses to manufacture Vitamin A.
Deep orange fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, squash, apricots and peaches, also provide the body with beta-carotene, and are most beneficial when eaten fresh.
Many case histories are on record of people, plagued by night blindness, reporting dramatic improvements in their condition after adding carrots and beta-carotene to their diets. One of the easiest ways of getting more Vitamin A is by drinking carrot juice.
A typical example of the power of carrot juice is illustrated by the experience of a young mother suffering from night blindness. She avoided driving at night until her son’s sudden illness. With her husband out of town on business, she was forced to drive her child to the hospital in the middle of the night. While she reached the hospital safely, and received the proper treatment for her son, the slow speed of her travel-an average of 15 miles per hour-disturbed her.
She vowed that she would never allow herself to be put in that position again. She began a regimen of drinking a quart of Carrot Juice a day, as well as feeding it to her family every morning. Her night vision improved dramatically in less than a month.
Vitamin supplements are a useful way of boosting one’s intake of Vitamin A. Health food stores carry a potent European formula blended with Vitamin A. It is a rare, special blend of powerful natural ingredients, proven successful in guarding against night blindness, eye fatigue, impaired vision and sensitivity to television, reading, or driving. This European formulation has been used on that continent with great success for many years. Each capsule contains 5,850 I.U. (International Units) of Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene in an oil solution to maximize its conversion to Vitamin A that the body can use.

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