It should be remembered that sinusitis is only a symptom and that an overview must be obtained. In my experience, often all that’s needed is a neck adjustment, and the sinuses drain immediately. Cranial adjusting (internal mouth adjustments) is often used to free the sinuses and drain the antrums.

Acupuncture is effective for sinusitis using some needles in the ear and around the nose and neck. But eliminating any structural cause is important in the long run. Feel your neck for tenderness or soreness.

Sinusitis attacks can be caused by intolerance to dairy products and wheat breads. Then there is the sinusitis caused by allergic reactions:

There was a case where a man had severe sinusitis after being around glues in his factory. He didn’t have to sell up to solve the problem. We raised his immune response. His successful treatment involved high doses of vitamin A, calcium ascorbate, zinc and the herbs hydrastis, horseradish, fenugreek, and garlic. These were taken for three months and now the aroma of the glues hardly affects him. A low resistance has to be built up slowly.

Another allergenic reaction:

I was surprised once by the case of a lady almost drowning in her own phlegm at night. I tried all I knew. I was baffled. Then she rang and told me that as soon as the doctor changed her high blood pressure tablets, her sinuses dried up overnight!


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